Biologique Recherche – is the beloved French skin care line that offers an extensive range of customized products and treatments. With high concentrations of active ingredients that are free of fragrance and parabens, products are cold formulated to preserve the original structure, at the Biologique Recherche laboratory in Paris. For over 40 years, Biologique’s methodology has built an astounding reputation for effectiveness based on a clinical approach to skin care using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients that are derived from biological,marine and plant sources, as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures, achieving immediate and long term results by supporting the skin’s own system in a non aggressive manner.

LED Light Therapy – With no downtime and immediate results, light therapy is fast becoming a popular alternative to traditional facials. It uses near-infrared light, the opposite of UV light.  This therapy was developed by NASA in the 1970s to improve the healing of wounds and tissue growth in space.  Light emitting diode (LED) technology uses 100% safe wavelengths of light to stimulate cells, increase circulation, and promote collagen growth. It has quickly become known as one of the most effective and non-invasive ways to aid in skin rejuvenation and repair. LED’s penetrate deep into the dermis layer of the skin, energizing the cells, stimulating collagen and elastin, giving the skin back its youthful look.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Is a gentle, non-invasive manual technique that has a powerful effect on the body. Research in Australia, Europe and North America has proven its efficacy as a stand-alone treatment and in combination with other therapies.

Developed in France in 1932 by Emil and Estrid Vodder MLD has grown to be the most well known manual technique to assist lymph flow and aid in drainage of tissues.

This technique is effective in helping to detoxify the body, enhancing immune function, reducing swelling and fluid retention, improving skin tone, and speeding up injury healing time. It can also improve many chronic conditions such as sinus, acne and other skin conditions.

Lymphatic drainage is a light, rhythmical technique designed to ease congestion in the lymphatic system. Lymphatic vessels remove waste products and carry substances vital to the defence of the body. Lymphatic drainage is both preventative and remedial and can enhance overall well-being.

The lymphatic system is our front line of defense in fighting bodily infections, detoxifying the body and transporting metabolic wastes, excess water, bacteria and toxins out of the body. The lymph glands (at neck, armpits, groin, etc.) are connected by a broad network of vessels which transport the fluid. Muscular movement is required to move it, as there is no “heart” to pump it.

It is simply one of the most powerful techniques in maintaining healthy skin.

Remodeling Face Machine -The Biologique Remodeling Face® Machine combines three types of electric current with specifically formulated products to lift and resculpt the face. Galvanic current improves the absorption of active ingredients. Low and medium frequency currents re-shape and tone the epidermis. Athermic pulsed high frequency current re-vitalizes the epidermis. These three currents can be used either separately or in combination offering a wide range of personalized treatments for each skin type.

Precise adjustment of the parameters enables the remodeling process to be activated in both the skin and the muscles. The Remodeling Face® Machine and Biologique Recherche’s exclusive skin care products are complementary and improve one another’s performance–the piece de resistance.

Skin Instant Lab – Believing that we all have a different skin instant that can change and evolve from day to day and throughout our lifetime, the Skin Instant Lab is a unique system for analyzing, diagnosing and recommending Biologique Recherche skincare and treatments. The assessment consists of 5 probes that measure hydration, trans epidermal water loss, elasticity, pigmentation and the amount of sebum(oil) on the skin with internal as well as external factors taken into account that may contribute to imbalances.